Frequently Asked Questions

What is Listene?

Listene is an innovative online platform that provides immersive listening exercises daily. Utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, it offers a unique and continuously varied approach to refining your English listening comprehension skills.

Is Listene free to use?

Yes, Listene is completely free. It's my commitment to offer this educational resource without any charges, supported by voluntary donations.

How often is content updated?

Listene offers fresh listening exercises every day, updating at 00:00 UTC.

Do I need an account to access Listene?

No account creation or login is required. Listene provides a hassle-free experience, storing your interactions securely within your browser.

How is my privacy maintained on Listene?

We prioritize your privacy and do not collect or store personal data. Our in-house analytics are based on aggregated, anonymous data. For a detailed view, refer to our Privacy Policy.

How are Listene's listening exercises crafted?

All exercises are generated using advanced AI algorithms, ensuring a diverse range of high-quality texts and questions.

How can I support Listene?

You can support Listene's mission by donating through Buy Me A Coffee or Trakteer. Every contribution ensures the platform remains accessible to all.

I encountered an issue. How can I report it?

Should you experience any issues or have feedback to share, please visit our feedback link. I'm committed to promptly addressing any concerns.

Can I install Listene on my device?

Certainly! Listene is designed as a Progressive Web App (PWA). This allows you to install it on your device, providing an app-like experience even without an internet connection.

Are there future plans for Listene?

While the core values of Listene will always stay the same, there's a slew of exhilarating developments on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates and exciting new features!